Best Residential Lawn Equipment

Chenango Supply has the best residential lawn equipment in Southwest Florida. While the big box stores will sell you a mower and lawn equipment they just don’t have service and knowledge. Here at Chenango Supply you will find service is important to us. We want to help you find the right piece of equipment. Brands we feature and service include Hustler Zero Turn mowers, Bad Boy mowers, STIHL equipment. We also will help you make sure it’s also properly serviced to keep it running as it should for years.

Residential Lawn Equipment Vs. Commercial Equipment

You don’t need to purchase more machine that you need. In order to keep the costs down for homeowners, residential lawn equipment is designed to last for years. The biggest difference is that the number of years that both residential and commercial will work is about the same. It’s the hours and workload that is different. We can help you find the right equipment for the jobs you have.

Chenango Supply also has supplies in our store to help you with various projects. From hardware like nuts, bolts and screws for any project. We also carry PPE to keep you safe. Stop in and find out why we have been #1 in Southwest Florida since 1979!