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Welcome to our outdoor power equipment blog. Here you will find articles about new products, services we offer and more. If you are note familiar with us, we have been helping your neighbors and businesses since 1979. We sell hundreds of brands of equipment and supplies. We also have parts for many, and if we don’t have the parts in stock, we can get many in just a day or two. 

We carry Hustler and Bad Boy Zero Turn Mowers. Need a bigger mower or tractor? We THE Mahindra dealer for Southwest Florida. We can help you find a new tractor or service the one you have. Our service depart is the best in the area. We offer pick up and delivery as well, just ask.

Outdoor Power Equipment Blog

DeWalt Power Tools

DeWalt Power Tools –  Powering Up Your Projects

DeWalt Power Tools –  Powering Up Your Projects Introduction to DeWalt Power Tools When it comes to high-quality and dependable power hand tools, DeWalt stands out as a leading brand among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With a rich history of innovation and excellence, DeWalt power tools are engineered to meet the demands of any…

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battery powered outdoor equipment

The Rise of Battery Powered Outdoor Equipment

The Rise of Battery Powered Outdoor Equipment In recent years, the landscape of outdoor equipment has undergone a significant transformation, spearheaded by the rise of battery-powered alternatives to traditional gas-powered tools. This shift is not just a fleeting trend but a reflection of broader societal moves towards sustainability, efficiency, and technological innovation. Battery-powered outdoor equipment,…

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Utility Task Vehicle ROXOR in GREEN

ROXOR Utility Task Vehicle

ROXOR Utility Task Vehicle Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) are versatile vehicles widely used across various industries. Their popularity has been growing steadily due to their functionality and adaptability. One industry that has seen a recent surge in UTV demand is farming and agriculture. UTVs have become an essential tool in modern farming practices, offering convenience…

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roxor aftermarket parts

The Most Popular ROXOR Aftermarket Parts

Welcome to our blog post on the most popular ROXOR aftermarket parts! Whether you’re a passionate ROXOR owner or just curious about the exciting world of off-roading, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll dive into the top aftermarket parts that are taking the ROXOR community by storm. From performance upgrades to stylish accessories,…

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hydraulics hoses

The Power of Hydraulics Hoses

The Power of Hydraulics Hydraulic systems, known for their ability to generate massive amounts of power through the application of simple physics principles, have revolutionized the world of machinery. Now lets review the mechanics of hydraulics, exploring their incredible power and diverse applications in various industries. Understanding Hydraulics At its core, a hydraulic system transmits…

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Generator Size Yellow

How to Choose the Right Generator Size 

In times of power outages, having a generator at home can be a lifesaver. However, choosing the right generator size is crucial to ensure it meets your needs during emergencies. Let’s explore the process of selecting the appropriate generator size for your home. Understanding Generators and Their Importance Generators are devices that convert mechanical energy…

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They cans storing gasoline

The Complete Guide to Safely Storing Gasoline

The Complete Guide to Safely Storing Gasoline In every household that uses gasoline for lawn mowers, chainsaws, generators, or any other machinery, the safe storage of gasoline is a matter of utmost importance. Gasoline is a volatile substance; improper storage can lead to dangerous spills, vapor build-ups, and even fires or explosions. This comprehensive guide…

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Picture of Field and Brush Mowers

Brush Mowers An In-Depth Look

An In-Depth Look at Field and Brush Mowers Maintaining vast stretches of land often entails dealing with overgrown grass, weeds, and brush. For those who manage these landscapes, whether they’re farmers, landowners, or groundskeepers, the task demands reliable and efficient equipment. Field and brush mowers are the stalwarts in this battle against untamed vegetation. They…

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Concrete Rebar stacks at Chenango Supply Punta Gorda

The 5 Crucial Roles of Concrete Rebar

The Crucial Role of Concrete Rebar Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials in the world due to its strength, durability, and versatility. However, even this robust material has its limitations, especially when it comes to tensile strength and resistance to cracking. To address these limitations, engineers and builders have turned to…

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Culvert Pipe Chenago Supply Punta Gorda

5 Vital Roles of Culvert Pipe in Florida

Vital Role of Culvert Pipe in Florida Florida’s unique geography, with its low-lying coastal regions and frequent heavy rainfall, makes it particularly susceptible to flooding and water runoff issues. To combat these challenges, property owners and local communities have turned to a vital infrastructure solution: culverts. Culverts play a crucial role in controlling runoff water…

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STIHL Battery Hedge Trimmer

Powerful STIHL Battery Hedge Trimmer

Powerful STIHL Battery Hedge Trimmer When it comes to maintaining a beautifully manicured yard, the choice of tools can make all the difference. One such tool that has been gaining popularity among homeowners and professional landscapers alike is the STIHL Battery Hedge Trimmer. This cordless wonder is more than just a hedge trimmer; it’s a…

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Load Your Tractor

How To Load Your Tractor on a Trailer

How To Load Your Tractor on a Trailer So, you’ve got yourself a new Mahindra tractor, and you need to load your tractor on a trailer and move it to a different property. Loading a tractor onto a trailer might seem like a daunting task, but fear not, my fellow tractor owner! In this guide,…

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IronCraft Tractor Implements copy

7 Benefits of Exploring IronCraft Tractor Implements

Exploring IronCraft Tractor Implements Tractors have revolutionized agriculture and various industries, providing unmatched power and versatility. However, a tractor’s true potential is unlocked when equipped with the right implements. IronCraft, a leading manufacturer of high-quality tractor implements, offers a wide range of attachments designed to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of tractors. In this blog…

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Ultimate UTV for Towing

7 Reasons ROXOR is The Ultimate UTV for Towing

ROXOR is The Ultimate UTV for Towing The ultimate UTV for towing may not be what comes to your mind. When it comes to utility task vehicles (UTVs), the market is flooded with various options, each boasting different features and capabilities. But for those seeking a powerful and reliable UTV for towing, there is one…

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john deere - mahindra series-tractor-2600-2638

John Deere vs. Mahindra Tractors – How to Choose

John Deere vs. Mahindra Tractors – How to Choose Tractors have been the backbone of agriculture and various industries for decades, providing the necessary power and efficiency to accomplish demanding tasks. Two prominent names in the tractor industry are Mahindra and John Deere, each with its loyal fan base and a wide range of offerings.…

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Tractor Supplies at Chenango

A Comprehensive Guide to Tractor Supplies and Services

A Comprehensive Guide to Tractor Supplies and Services Agriculture has come a long way from its humble origins, and one of the most pivotal advancements that have transformed the industry is the tractor. Tractors have revolutionized farming by increasing efficiency, reducing labor-intensive tasks, and boosting overall productivity. To ensure the seamless operation of these powerful…

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Pelican Coolers Chenango Supply

Pelican Coolers Historical Evolution and 7 Features

Pelican Coolers Historical Evolution and Features When it comes to keeping food and drinks fresh during outdoor adventures or extended trips, a reliable cooler is a must-have accessory. Pelican coolers have emerged as a popular choice, offering a blend of history, innovation, and practicality. In this article, we delve into the fascinating history of Pelican…

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Stihl Trimmers Chenango Supply

Stihl Trimmers Dependable and Powerful 

Stihl Trimmers Dependable and Powerful   When it comes to maintaining a well-manicured lawn or tackling overgrown vegetation, a dependable trimmer is essential. Stihl, a renowned name in the outdoor power equipment industry, has been a go-to brand for professionals and homeowners alike. This article delves into the rich history of Stihl trimmers, exploring their…

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Power Trowels F36

Power Trowels – A Valuable Employee

Power Trowels – A Valuable Employee Power trowels are valuable tools in the construction industry as they offer several benefits that can significantly increase productivity. Here are some ways in which power trowels enhance efficiency and productivity in concrete finishing operations: Time-saving: Power trowels can cover larger surface areas in a shorter amount of time…

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plate soil compactors chenango supply

Best Plate Soil Compactors and Rollers

Compaction With Roller and Plate Soil Compactors Plate soil compactors play a crucial role in numerous construction and landscaping projects. Whether you’re building a foundation, constructing a road, or creating a beautiful landscape, achieving proper soil compaction is essential for ensuring stability, preventing settlement, and promoting long-lasting structures. Fortunately, modern technology has revolutionized the field…

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best tractors Mahindra Chenango Supply Punta Gorda

7 Reasons Mahindra Makes the Best Tractors

How Mahindra Makes the Best Tractors The best tractors make the world go ‘round…well, at least the agricultural world. How do you know which one is right for you, though? Everyone knows John Deere and Kubota because of their massive advertising efforts. But they aren’t the only names in the game! Mahindra is a huge…

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Automatic Gate

Ghost Automatic Gate Openers Are The Best

Ghost Automatic Gate Openers Gates on your property can be both functional and aesthetic, creating a beautiful barrier around your property. Opening them by hand can be a hassle, though, especially in bad weather. That is where automatic openers on your gates can come in handy, and the best on the market is Ghost Controls.…

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ROXOR Street Legal

Make My ROXOR Street Legal Now

Make My ROXOR Street Legal Did you know you may be able to make your ROXOR street legal? If you like to have a little fun off-road, ROXOR UTVs are a no-brainer for you! They are perfect for riding around on adventures, doing chores around the grounds of your home, and so much in between.…

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Why The ROXOR UTV Is Your Best Choice

Why The ROXOR UTV Should Be Yours What is a ROXOR UTV? Well, if you’re living in one of the more open areas in Florida, then you may require some sort of alternative means of transportation to get around besides your car. One of the types of vehicles you could get is a UTV, a…

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Portable Generators Benefits

Why You Should Consider Portable Generators

Why You Should Consider Portable Generators Portable generators benefits need to be considered. When it comes to emergency situations, there are plenty of things that Florida residents know to keep on hand. From non-perishable food to flashlights and more, there are so many things to remember. One of the most important of these would have…

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clean your roof

6 Free Tips To Safely Clean Your Roof

6 Tips To Safely Clean Your Roof Is it important to clean your roof? Your Florida roof goes through a lot. It’s the first line of defense for your home against all that comes from the sky, so it can get pretty dirty up there. Rain, sunlight, debris, and more leave your roof battered and…

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rain gutters cleaning and sealing

Cleaning & Sealing Your Rain Gutters Can Save You Money

Cleaning & Sealing Your Rain Gutters When it comes to home maintenance, the rain gutters on your roof are often overlooked. However, they’re an important aspect of your home’s exterior that should be inspected and cleaned regularly, especially with the Florida weather. Cleaning and sealing your rain gutters can help prevent clogs that lead to…

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use a pressure washer

10 Tips to use a pressure washer   

How to use a pressure washer Pressure washers are such a helpful tool for homeowners. They can be used to clean surfaces, strip paint, clean large appliances, and even restore metal or stone features.   How to use a pressure washer and avoid damage First, you will want to either use a pressure washer you…

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sharpen a chainsaw chenango Supply Punta Gorda

Best Way to properly sharpen a chainsaw

How to properly sharpen a chainsaw Why does a chainsaw need to be sharp? In order for your chainsaw to work effectively, the tool must be sharpened. An unsharpened blade puts more pressure and strain on you, the operator, and the machine, which can shorten it’s life. Dull blades can create damage and become unsafe.…

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Silt Fence Around Retention Pond

When do I need a silt fence?

When do I need a silt fence? What is a silt fence? Silt fences are temporary barriers typically made up of wood, PVC, or metal posts and some sort of permeable fabric. The original purpose of a silt fence is to retain an area of soil on a piece of land. They help protect the…

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PPE Man on a Roof

Basic PPE Protection You Need  

Basic PPE Protection You Need    What is personal protective equipment? PPE or personal protective equipment is any equipment that can help minimize danger or exposure to hazards that can cause either illness or injury. PPE is extremely important for those working with and operating machinery and/or power tools.   All personal protective equipment falls under…

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Important to Stay Hydrated

Why it’s Important to Stay Hydrated

Why it’s Important to Stay Hydrated Whether you’re headed to Disney World, Miami, Key West, or one of Florida’s many beautiful beaches, make sure to stay hydrated while you’re here. Or maybe you live here and need to do work outside around your home or ranch. Dehydration can be a very dangerous illness, but even…

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roxor the best UTV

Why ROXOR Is The Best UTV for 2022

Why ROXOR Is The Best UTV for 2022 The Mahindra ROXOR is the best UTV ever. Although Mahindra is well-known in India and the Asian market in general, the company does sell models around the world. Here in the United States Mahindra sells tractors as well as the best UTV on the market, the ROXOR.…

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Hustler Zero Turn Mowers for 2022

3 New Hustler Zero Turn Mowers for 2022

3 New Hustler Zero Turn Mowers for 2022 Chenango Supply in Punta Gorda is Southwest Florida’s top ranked Hustler dealer. Here are 3 new Hustler Zero Turn Mowers for 2022. Stop in today and see these machines and how we can customize and match you to the right zero turn for you jobs! Zevo ‍Hustler…

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NASCAR MAHINDRA ROXOR 200 DARLINGTON RACEWAY & MAHINDRA ROXOR STRIKE TITLE SPONSORSHIP DEAL FOR NASCAR XFINITY SERIES RACE Official Race Name will be the Mahindra ROXOR 200 DARLINGTON, S.C. (March 3, 2022) – As part of the Official Throwback Weekend of NASCAR, Darlington Raceway and Mahindra ROXOR partner as the title sponsorship of the spring NASCAR Xfinity…

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Bad Boy Mower Accessories

60, Yes 60 Bad Boy Mower Accessories

60 Top Bad Boy Mower Accessories USE BAD BOY MOWER ACCESSORIES TO CUSTOMIZE THE PERFECT MACHINE Bad Boy Mowers are awesome machines. From the great looks to amazing power and TONS of accessories, these machines are a real hit. If you are looking for a new zero turn mower for your property, or need to…

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STIHL battery blower Chenango Supply Punta Gorda FL

STIHL Battery Blower Reviews

Legendary reliability and and dependability in the STIHL battery blower. The STIHL blowers are trusted by contractors and homeowners alike for decades. No you can do your part to help the environment with these super powerful and efficient STIHL battery blowers. So let’s look at options and how to choose the right equipment for your…

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fall protection Chenango

We Have Fall Protection

If you haven’t heard of fall protection, you and your business need this article. Fall protection is required for many industries where job hazards could result in a fall. There are many options for fall protection depending on the type of industry you are in and what hazards your employees may face. Let’s take a…

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Hurricane Supplies List

Hurricane Supplies List

A hurricane supplies list is essential for residents. For those new to Florida, preparing for a hurricane can seem overwhelming. Figuring out what supplies you need, how much, and where to store them is not what anyone wants to do on their day off. However, it’s an important step in starting life here in sunny…

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Mowing Wet Grass

Help For Mowing Wet Grass

Sticking to a regular mowing schedule is the best way to keep your yard looking pristine all summer long. However, sometimes the weather doesn’t want to cooperate with us and leaves us with the choice of waiting for better weather or mowing wet grass. Neither one of these options are ideal but there are some…

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STIHL Equipment is the Best

Why STIHL Equipment is the Best

When it comes to chainsaws, you can’t get away from STIHL equipment. You see them everywhere and although they can be on the pricier side, they continue to lead the industry. This is because with STIHL you will always have the best tool for the job, one you can rely on, and one that will…

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Folds Of Honor

Your May Purchase Supports Folds Of Honor

Your May Purchase Supports Folds Of Honor   Hustler Turf is excited and honored to support the Folds of Honor organization this year.   Folds of Honor provides educational scholarships to the families of military men and women who have fallen or been disabled while on active duty in the United States armed forces.  …

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STIHL Hand Tools

Managing the Outdoors with STIHL Hand Tools

STIHL hand tools can really help you complete some important tasks. From whitetail chasers to conservation specialists, managing the great outdoors can prove to be a difficult feat. As a professional who works in the open air, you know the importance of leaving the smallest imprint on the natural habitat as possible. Clearing line-of-sight shooting…

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Zero Turns For Our Heros Cover Cover

Zero Turns For Our Heroes

Bad Boy Mowers and our nation-wide dealer network want to give back to all of those that risk their lives everyday to protect and defend our Great Nation. To reward a great job done and to acknowledge our Heroes for the services & sacrifices they provide.

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