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Chenango Supply in Punta Gorda has 6 on the way! Give us a call today to put a deposit and reserve yours today. Don’t forget to check out our latest build and how we can add the perfect upgrades to make your ROXOR the best!

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Built like a fist

When you have a steel body, boxed steel frame, and a heavy-duty, belt-less transmission, you don’t break, you go for broke. So, take pity on whatever comes ROXOR’s way.


Get down on the farm

Equipped with a 5:38 axle ratio that delivers higher torque to the ground for smoother, easier, and improved traction when climbing rocks and hills. Nothing’s going to slow you down from the barn to back acre.


Ready to punch the clock — or better yet, a mountain

Powered by Mahindra’s 2.5L, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine that’s as dependable as it is efficient. It’s best-in-class 3,490 lb. of towing capacity and 144 lb-ft. of torque makes this UTV ready for adventure or ready to go to work. What other side-by-side can say that?


Chenango Supply located in Punta Gorda is your local dealer and outfitter. We can help your order the ROXOR that is right for you. We also can outfit or upgrade your ROXOR with many accessories. These things are tough! But, if you need a part, we have all the parts you ever need to keep your ROXOR running like new!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ROXOR?

ROXOR is an off-road vehicle conceived, designed, and engineered by Mahindra Automotive North America. The vehicle is produced in Auburn Hills in the first new OEM manufacturing operation to open in Southeast Michigan in more than 25 years. A rugged, no-nonsense side-by-side, ROXOR is a tribute to Mahindra’s long history of manufacturing tough and durable vehicles in India since 1947. It features a steel body on a boxed steel frame, a heavy-duty Mahindra, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine, and transmission. The American-assembled ROXOR reenters the off-road world with the same proven capabilities based on its authenticity, simplicity, and strength.

Is ROXOR Street Legal?

This is an off-road vehicle only; therefore, it is NOT legal for use on any public street or highway. The ROXOR was designed and engineered to comply with off-highway vehicle standards such as those outlined by ANSI/ROHVA (American National Standards Institute/Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association), the premier member organization charged with setting forth stringent safety rules for vehicles like ROXOR.

What is ROXOR's Fuel Economy?

We have averaged 32 to 34 mpg testing and with a range of over 350 miles. Your mileage will vary depending upon speed and road conditions.

Why does ROXOR have a straight front axle and not independent front suspension (IFS)?

ROXOR’s more durable (and affordable) design utilizes simpler and more reliable mechanical components with fewer moving parts. There is less to go wrong on a ROXOR… and if something does, it’s easier to repair on the trail.

Why is ROXOR's towing capacity greater than other side-by-sides?

ROXOR’s beefier boxed steel frame, heavy-duty transmission, bigger wheels, and brakes, plus a torquey 2.5L, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine enables it to pull more than smaller, 2-cylinder powered side-by-sides.

Why is ROXOR only available with a diesel engine?

Mahindra is well known for its extremely reliable diesel engines for their tractors and automobiles. This feature, among others, makes ROXOR a ruggedly different and unique position in the powersports industry.

What is the availability of spare parts and service support?

We have set up a dedicated factory in Auburn Hills, Michigan which focuses on the ROXOR model. There is also a state-of-the-art dealer management support network and system being used by all authorized ROXOR dealers for parts and service support. You can count on Chenango Supply to either have the parts you need in stock, or we can get them in day or two. Stop in and talk to us today about the ROXOR UTV.