Utility Terrain Vehicles – UTVs

Utility terrain vehicles and all-terrain vehicles are not the same. A true UTV is a workhorse that can really help you get work done around your property, and have fun on your days off. Let’s look at the features of the Mahindra ROXOR UTV, the options and why they should be your next UTVs.

ROXOR Utility Terrain Vehicles

No nonsense. This ROXOR is built to give you everything you need from a powerful Mahindra turbo diesel engine to a body and chassis made of steel. Simple and stout for any job or any adventure. These utility terrain vehicles are highly customizable. We are the ROXOR dealer for all of Southwest Florida. We have UTVs in stock and ready for you to check out, test drive and take home today.

At Chenango Supply of Punta Gorda we have a large selection of utility terrain vehicles. Come stop by and see why we are the most trusted and helpful outdoor equipment company since 1979! Over 40 years of providing sales and service to contractors and homeowners. We look forward to meeting you!