eXmark Lazer Z V-Series Zero-Turn Mower

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Lazer Z V-Series

What do you get when you combine our industry-leading Lazer Z zero-turn mower with the state-of-the-art HyperCell power system? You get the new Lazer Z V-Series electric zero-turn mower. The Lazer Z V-Series gives landscape professionals a competitive edge when competing for contracts that include sound ordinances or zero engine exhaust mandates.

The Lazer Z V-Series provides the cut quality, productivity, and commercial durability you expect from Exmark, all in a quiet, fast, low maintenance electric zero-turn mower. The HyperCell power system delivers up to 7+ hours of runtime on each charge, so you can mow all day without charging. Our patent-pending management software delivers precise maneuverability with consistent, predictable control. Lazer Z V-Series also features Horizon360 Connect remote software, so you have full app-based connectivity to settings, location, and data from your Lazer Z V-Series mower.

When you’re looking for the premier commercial electric zero-turn mower available today, look no further than the Lazer Z V-Series. Available with an Adapt-equipped 60-inch Electric Series 4 cutting deck, the Lazer Z V-Series is the powerful, productive electric zero-turn mower you need to lead the pack.

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Lazer Z Zero Turn Mower Line

The standard-setting, continually innovating and constantly evolving Exmark Lazer Z zero-turn mower is the go-to choice for landscape professionals across the country. As Exmark’s premier commercial zero-turn mower, the Lazer Z is available in a wide range of models and sizes, all ready to tackle the toughest jobs you can throw at them. The Lazer Z lineup includes the Lazer Z E-Series, Lazer Z S-Series, Lazer Z X-Series, electric Lazer Z V-Series and Lazer Z Diesel models.

With available deck widths from 48-inches to an industry-leading 144-inches, the Lazer Z is customizable and comfortable. The ergonomic suspension seat system lets you work for hours without worrying about fatigue, and the floating cutting deck consistently delivers the Exmark Signature cut quality. With Exmark’s unmatched zero-turn technology, every Lazer Z offers superior maneuverability, pinpoint control and uncompromising durability.

Lazer Z V-Series Features

EX22 LZX Adapt InUse1

Adapt Your Cut

Adjust deck rake quickly and easily to optimize cut quality and cutting performance for a variety of turf types and conditions. Adapt is especially useful when mowing in wet, overgrown, or lush conditions, or stemmy grasses and weeds.



The HyperCell power system produces zero engine exhaust emissions and provides up to seven hours of runtime with each charge.


60-Inch Electric Series 4 Deck

Built from formed and fully welded high-strength 7-gauge alloy steel, the Electric Series 4 cutting deck eliminates belts, instead using three commercial high-torque electric blade motors.


Commercial High-Torque Drive System

Delivers instant torque, with no belts to transfer power. Offers the ability to vary blade tip and drive speed to match conditions or preserve battery power.