Helpful TipsPurchase a New Lawn Mower in Gate

Is this the year you purchase a new lawn mower? As the weather warms up and the rains come it the grass starts to grow.  Each year as we get the old mower out for another season of mowing. The first question is will the mower start. Well that depends on what you did to prepare your mower for an extended period of sitting in the garage or shed.

Here are 3 reason to purchase a new lawn mower

  1. Your Old Mower Won’t Start
  2. Want To Save Time
  3. Saving Money Is Great

Your Old Mower Won’t Start

old mower wont startIf you are not good with engines, don’t worry. Here are a few things you can try to get your mower running. If you turn the key and you hear a clicking sound, or nothing happens check the battery. Here in Florida even your mower batteries may not last as long as you expect. If you have a trickle charger, hook it up and let it charge for a bit. If you still can’t get it to start, you might want to get the battery tested. Most auto parts store will test your battery. If you do need a new one, they can sell you one, and since the battery is there, you won’t have to make two trips to avoid the core charge.

If your lawn mower tries to start when you turn the key but just doesn’t fire up, here is a suggestion. If your mower has old fuel from last season, it might be good to drain the fuel and get some fresh gas in there. If you still can’t get it to start look to get it serviced. If you are ready to purchase a new lawn mower, come on by Chenango Supply Company and we can help you find the right mower for your property. We carry the best lawn equipment from Hustler, Bad Boy Mowers and STIHL.

Purchase a New Lawn Mower To Save You Time

Let’s face it, in Southwest Florida is hot. For month after month the heat really never gives you a break. Your lawn still needs mowed, so what do you do? Try to mow early in the morning or later in the day hoping the temperature will be less. If you decide to purchase a new lawn mower this season, make a good choice. Buying the right machine will save you time when you mow, and help you stay out of the heat more than you need.

Hustler makes the wonderful zero-turn Hustler DASH XD. This machine is as narrow as 34″ allowing it to fit through gates in your yard. If you didn’t think your lawn was big enough for a zero-turn, think again. Chenango Supply Company also offers all the service you will need on your lawn equipment, keeping it running as new season after season.

How Purchasing A New Lawn Mower Will Save You Money

Here is something to consider when purchasing a new lawn mower. You can actually save money. How? Buy from a lawn equipment dealer, not a big box store. When you go to the big orange or blue buildings they always have some nice looking mowers, tractors and zero-turns sitting out front. But don’t get sucked in with the idea of picking one of these up. While these mowers look nice, the place you are buying it from also sells toilet seats. Why does this matter? When these mowers were delivered, they may not have been properly set up for use. There are even reports that these mowers use lesser quality parts than other equipment sold through dealers. 

At Chenango Supply, we represent some of the best brands for homeowners and contractors. We properly set your equipment up, teach you how to use it and keep it running properly. Every year we offer to service your equipment to make sure it runs each year, just like the year you purchased it.

Our machines come with great warranties and in most cases homeowners will find quality equipment to last almost a lifetime. Check out our machines online here, or stop by our store in Punta Gorda and check out brands like Hustler, Bad Boy Mowers, Mahindra and STIHL.

Chenango Supply is Southwest Florida’s top lawn mower and outdoor equipment dealer. For over 40 years we have sold and serviced thousands of machines for our neighbors. We are the equipment and supply store you remember from the years past. Friendly service, knowledgeable staff and great products. We can help you find the right equipment for your job. We offer financing and lawn equipment discounts for military. If you haven’t been to Chenango Supply, you owe it to yourself to check it out before you purchase a new lawn mower.